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  1. I don't have permission to do that
  2. Hi @Jimi Wikman is possible release your task tracker UI template? I would like buy it and use it for the database that I am try to build a homeworks tracker, ips default UI design is a little ugly don´t create a atractive sense for common users, with your template I hope it bring to parents and kids a little motivation to use my homeworks tracker system.
  3. {{if in_array( member.member_id, array( 5, 28, 472 ) )}} <!-- Shows if the member's ID is 5, 28 or 472 --> {{endif}} 1. In the custom template that created by me recently? 2. In which position of template? 3. id 5, 28 and 472 need to be replaced? By the same way, if I apply the code in a specific forum template it will work to assign specific member to a topic?
  4. Do you mean can not apply for categories but yes for records?
  5. Yes, because they decide who should be able to see related category, maybe this month father of the student joined to the program, then next month her mom want to join to help... So if the access permission can be handle from front end will be convenient for teachers...
  6. At this point I discovered my homework database settings are pointing to convert the HOMEWORK process as a project management flow for teacher, parents and students. We can use similar mechanics as your recent code to limit the access of a category? I mean in a category, predefined members who can access to the category. So I am imagine that having a form field in the category (front end if possible) where we can input members, after save it the category can see by members mentioned in the form field. If that possible, I will avoid the problem of creating one group for each s
  7. I would like to create a learning, teaching and interacting system, is a project that I would like to run into to help my community. That is why I spend in the LMS app, but another hand I don't like a serious project depend on only one developer, specially in case of developer don't... But right now IPS marketplace community still working by that way...
  8. https://www.sosinvision.com.br/index.php?/files/file/37-learning-management-system/
  9. With that, the block where contains Report, Reaction and Edit, now it is desappeared for all groups...that mean I missed something more in the code right?
  10. {{if member.inGroup('x')}} <!-- Shows if member is in group 'x' --> {{endif}} Already added, and the NewRecord display template is assigned to the database. I would like to ensure if inside of ('x') should to be something? or it don't need to place nothing...because I have exact above code placed in it. Do you have Tutorials and LMS apps of Adriano? I already have the LMS paid more than year ago, but wating for the official release. Now I try to learn to achieve something with Database, I am looking if Tutorials is a good option for what I am doing, but ano
  11. Very thankful, I will learn so much...
  12. I am baby to do that...
  13. Wuao... Right now just leave one issue that I would like to complete it, How can I restricted specific group to access the Edit records botton? keeping the Wiki-style enabled... I try locking the record and it work to disable the Edit option, but it lock the comment module too that I need enabled to create the thread of conversation.
  14. If I only mark View Field Content, the field don't visible. Field visible only if I active Edit Field Content, but then it can not achieve as the plan, Only visible and not editable.
  15. You can see it and edit it, or can not see it.
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