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  1. Thank you Jimi and wish you and your family Joy and happiness on this auspicious day
  2. Yes Jimi, Sandbox is yet to be rolled out. I am waiting to try it out as I am not sure how Atlassian will handle 3rd party Apps in that instance.
  3. Cloud premium also includes codeless automation! Also only premium cloud offers 99.9% availability, 24/7 priority support queue. These are some selling points I guess.
  4. Praveen S

    Praveen Soundarrajan

    I am working on Atlassian applications like Jira, Confluence, Portfolio for Jira, etc. as a tool administrator and process and methods designer. Also have over 4 years of experience as a production support executive.
  5. Hi @Jimi Wikman How do you think the iPad performs as a laptop? I'm torn between the iPad pro and surface pro 7!
  6. My simple definition is, A leader is the one who is also team member and a manager is not!
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