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  1. CGI: Vill du arbeta i teambaserade leveranser, stora implementationsprojekt samt ha möjligheten att arbeta i globala projekt? Hos oss på CGI har du möj... Stockholm, , Sweden View the full article
  2. Atea: Just nu söker vi på Atea Skara dig som vill jobba som konsult med fokus på klienthantering. Skara (Stad), Västra Götaland View the full article
  3. We are looking for an experienced IT Service Manager with competence in M365 governance for one of our great clients within the construction industry. You will have overall responsibility for the delivery of M365 services within Digital Workplace area. This includes service availability and maintenance, process support, budgeting and follow-up of SLA’s related to the service as well as ensuring compliance and IT security. Digital Workplace services include digital services for communication, collaboration, information and workflows. As a Service Manager you are proactively designing, governi
  4. Atea: Just nu söker vi på Atea Växjö dig som vill jobba som konsult med fokus på klienthantering. Växjö (Stad), Kronoberg View the full article
  5. We are looking for passionate and experienced Data Engineer/Data Analyst for our very exciting client within the tech area in Stockholm that currently are increasing their focus on PC, gaming and VR segments. The ideal candidate should be experienced enough to handle and drive improvements in data engineering domain and propose and implement scalable solutions handling large amounts of data for an increasing range of hardware and software products and a growing user-base. Our client is searching for a candidate that enjoys working in a small team with a clear mission – to enable the rest of
  6. We’re searching for an experienced Art Director & Graphic Designer to join our client´s Editorial Design team in Stockholm for 12 months. The Editorial Design is a globally distributed practice focused on building and unifying our client´s brand personality across all products. The team builds brands, tools and product experiences for a global audience spread across 80 markets (and counting). The teams are a horizontal practice, collaborating with product, brand, marketing and content disciplines. They think in terms of scalable systems, not bespoke solutions. If you’re an excellent de
  7. Proact MCS: Som chef för denna avdelning har du en nyckelroll i vår framtida utveckling. Sverige View the full article
  8. SJ: Som Teamchef på SJ så är du ansvarig för IT-leveransen från ett eller flera agila team. Stockholm (Stad) View the full article
  9. Proact MCS: Vi söker nu en Drifttekniker. Örebro (Stad), Kista, Stockholm, Linköping (Stad), Östergötland, Göteborg (Stad), Västra Götaland, Malmö View the full article
  10. Episerver invest for the future as they complete their Acquisition of my favorite A/B testing tool Optimizely. With this acquisition Episerver strengthen their platform offer, and they now claim that they have the industry's most advanced Digital Experience Platform. Episerver have long been one of the big names in content management and digital experience and Optimizely have been fighting for the title of the king of A/B testing against VWO for many years. This combination of forces makes sense as it will add value to both companies as they combine their customer bases. Will this t
  11. Over the years I have seen many claims to what flavor of Agile is king. In this article we will look at Scrum and Kanban to see if we can determine which of these two flavors are the best for you and your team. I have a feeling you will be surprised at the answer, but I hope you will not be. I recently read an article called "Scrum Is Dead. All Hail Kanban, the New King" where the author Emanuel Marques praise the Kanban flavor of Agile as his experience of Scrum have been less positive compared to Kanban. One of the responses to that article was written by Maarten Dalmijn, and he made so
  12. If you want to discuss Agile 2 in more detail, then check out the Agile 2 club: https://jimiwikman.se/clubs/page/2-home/
  13. Agile fail consistently in larger organizations. There are many reasons for it and here are my takes on why Agile currently fail very often: Agile is an operational model. Its origin is in the operations part of the organization and its design is on the operation part. By that I mean it has little to no tools for the steering part of an organization. This means that it clashes hard with the strategic aspects of companies as it lack input on portfolio management, change management that leads to projects and business requirements. It has no tools for resource management, external workforce
  14. Help them to learn to work together more effectively. Help them to develop both their career paths and their expertise. Invest in them to enable them to craft a better product. Make it easy for team members to learn from each other and to develop mastery. Insight: People need to be developed, and that is an important reason that team leads are needed. Encourage people to move around within the organization. Proactively develop their skills and broaden their experience. Allow them to work on things beyond their experience – provide mentorship and coaching when needed so that they can. Ensu
  15. Experimentation is an essential element of agility, and the learning that comes from failure is particularly instructional. Experimentation is how one can test ideas and learn. At the same time, large risks need to be identified and mitigated before they become very costly or unrecoverable. Test ideas early and at small scale, so that one may learn from that and avoid failing “large and late.” Guidance: Determine what the teams are able to do on their own, and empower them and trust them within that range. However, always check on progress and outcomes. Guidance: Determine if more ex
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