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  3. Svenska kraftnät: Vill du arbeta i en utvecklande miljö där du blir en viktig länk i en samhällsviktig verksamhet? Sundbyberg (Stad), Stockholm View the full article
  4. Humlegården Fastigheter AB: Som IT-ansvarig leder du arbetet med att ta fram framtidens IT hos Humlegården. Stockholm (Län) View the full article
  5. Humlegården Fastigheter AB: Du kommer vara navet som samordnar/projektleder alla tjänster och leverantörer och du säkerställer att tjänsterna levereras och håller god kvalitet. Stockholm (Län) View the full article
  6. Bravida: Som Systemansvarig HRM kommer du att driva arbetet framåt med datahantering och processutveckling i nära samarbete med Bravidas HR-organisation. Stockholm (Län) View the full article
  7. Bravida: Bravida erbjuder dig en dynamisk miljö där du kommer in i en spännande fas när en ny CRM-lösning ska utformas och implementeras. Stockholm (Län) View the full article
  8. Bravida: Har du ett intresse av att arbeta med integration och procesautomatisering (RPA)? Trivs du i en stimulerande miljö med många kontaktytor? Stockholm (Län) View the full article
  9. Calligraphy came to Shiba by chance. When I was still a graphic designer, Shiba was given a pretty fancy pen from one of my brothers, which changed the entire life Shiba since then.
  10. This video has been recorded for showing the way I design an ornamental Acanthus leaves, subscribe my YouTube channel for getting news! Thank you for watching!
  11. REFERENCES: Story of Ningishzida https://www.definitions.net/definitio... Story of Asclepius https://www.theoi.com/Ouranios/Asklep...
  12. White vine capitals were used for many years but were most common in and around the 15th century. Here is a very condensed glimpse at my J. The materials used here: manuscript vellum (calfskin, not craft 'vellum')   traditional medieval gesso 24 c loose gold leaf (transferred onto wax paper) artist quality gouache Because I often get questions about it, the dotting tool is a Kemper Fluid Writer, and you can purchase them at many art stores. The initial is a little less than 4cm square. It was a gift for my mother, whose name starts with J.
  13. Quote "To such an extent does nature delight and abound in variety that among her trees there is not one plant to be found which is exactly like another; and not only among the plants, but among the boughs, the leaves and the fruits, you will not find one which is exactly similar to another." - Leonardo da Vinci -  
  14. We are starting of the week with a great opportunity! We are looking for a Senior JavaScript Engineer for our very exciting client within Fintech and assignment will be in Berlin! What you will do: You will be working in a team that is currently being built from the ground up, and this will give you the opportunity to actively take part of the technical decisions and discussions that will shape our client’s architecture going forward. Skills and profile requirements: Must haves: Frontend heavy, moderate backend work ChromeExtensions (great to have) Experience with highly available s
  15. The animation on top of the images are just a javascript: particles.js - A lightweight JavaScript library for creating particles VINCENTGARREAU.COM A lightweight JavaScript library for creating particles.
  16. It looked like a video that i had seen something like over here Download Royalty Free Motion Graphic Backgrounds ELEMENTS.ENVATO.COM Browse our collection of royalty-free high definition motion graphic backgrounds and bring your next project to life. No matter the project, our 4K premium motion graphic backgrounds are going to amaze your...
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  18. Got a reply from Disney+ that the Mandalorian s2 will be available on the 30th. So I can wait for 3 months and then do a month of subscription again
  19. Nothing make my skin crawl as deceit and greed and Disney is pretty good at that. Their release of Disney plus in Sweden probably takes the cake however and I instantly cancelled my subscription when I realised that they are drip feeding old content, just to make me stay as a paying customer longer. As Disney plus finally arrived in Sweden I was happy to jump in to enjoy the Mandalorian and season 7 of the Clone Wars. I paid for the monthly subscription because like many other services they don't have enough content for me to remain a constant subscriber. Instead I cycle the services to g
  20. I am down with yet another cold. I have been sick on and off for almost five weeks now and it is getting a bit tiersome to say the least. This during a period where finding a new assignment is crucial is far from optimal if I put it like that. I also just upgraded this site and I have things to do, but not the energy to do get it done. For weeks now I have had headche, low fever, coughing and a very soar throat. I do not sleep well and had to take some nose spray for about a week just to be able to sleep. I thought things was getting better last week, but then it hit me again so I had to
  21. Last week
  22. Försvarsmakten: Must IHK söker en Nätverkstekniker Must Informationshanteringskontor (IHK) ansvarar för MUST-gemensam informationshantering samt planering, utveckl... Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sverige View the full article
  23. Our client is a fast-moving company with an ambition that every decision should be data-informed, and every feature is fuelled with data. To make this happen they invest heavily in their engineering and insights functions. The team works closely with mobile developers throughout the company. Our client also focuses on the end users of their mobile products and how they experience the product from a technical perspective, striving for speed, efficiency, and reliability for their apps. The team you will belong to strives to bring a great experience for the mobile developers, as well as stable an
  24. We are looking for a Data Engineer that will join our cool client in central Stockholm. You will help internal teams at our client to migrate to a new set of canonical datasets produced by the Metadata Distribution squad. Above all, your work will impact the way the world experiences music. What you’ll do: Implement canonical datasets for metadata entities that are used to fuel hundreds of experiences on our platform Supporting internal teams in migrating their pipelines to the new generation of metadata datasets Getting hands-on experience with Google Cloud Platform and technology/langua
  25. CGI: CGI leder digitaliseringen av Sverige och är världsledande på att omvandla innovation, information och teknologi till framgång för våra kunder. CG... Göteborg, Västra Götaland, Sweden View the full article
  26. CGI: CGI leder digitaliseringen av Sverige och är världsledande på att omvandla innovation, information och teknologi till framgång för våra kunder. CG... Linköping, Norrköping, Östergötland , Sweden View the full article
  27. CGI: CGI leder digitaliseringen av Sverige och är världsledande på att omvandla innovation, information och teknologi till framgång för våra kunder. CG... Linköping, Norrköping, Jönköping, Östergötland , Sweden View the full article
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