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  1. @Jimi Wikman for your custom theme, are you compiling the css using sass/less?
  2. It's a great format. Thank you, excellent tutorial. Can you reference where you learned of all the template constructs like: {$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('your custom field key', 'display')|raw} And you mention there are variations on this - is there a place in the Invision Documentation that describes these?
  3. Thanks for your very open approach to the development of this site. I don't have access to the Strategem page above, and perhaps that is by design, but I am interested in following your process. To answer your Question above, I might start with a listing of the plugins and apps and themes you are currently using and the process to update/modify each component....
  4. Are you using a purchased base theme, or created/modified a base theme?
  5. Excellent. Thank you. I wish more site were as open as this about their construction.
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