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  1. The one on the IPS site is the current set of help guides? https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/welcome/about-invision-community-r7/
  2. This is a great guide for customization. Thank you. While I don't use the Movies app (yet?) I can see many ways to use these customizations for other databases/apps as well. Great work. Thanks @Jimi Wikman What is the "IPS Customization database" you mention above? Do you mean your own database, or is it a collection of resources on the IPS site? Mike
  3. Thanks @Jimi Wikman! One thing I didn't understand was how the related data is added to the parent record. With a little experimenting, I figured out that while editing the parent record, in the the related field you start typing the desired search terms and matching related records will appear. Voila! It seems that from the parent record template, one call to the related field calls basicRelationship template which gives us one option to display what fields we want from the child record. So in your example above, I can see how you would use the BasicRelationship_PeopleProfiles
  4. @Jimi Wikman for your custom theme, are you compiling the css using sass/less?
  5. It's a great format. Thank you, excellent tutorial. Can you reference where you learned of all the template constructs like: {$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('your custom field key', 'display')|raw} And you mention there are variations on this - is there a place in the Invision Documentation that describes these?
  6. Thanks for your very open approach to the development of this site. I don't have access to the Strategem page above, and perhaps that is by design, but I am interested in following your process. To answer your Question above, I might start with a listing of the plugins and apps and themes you are currently using and the process to update/modify each component....
  7. Are you using a purchased base theme, or created/modified a base theme?
  8. Excellent. Thank you. I wish more site were as open as this about their construction.
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