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How did I build this site?

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I get this questions a lot and I will answer any question you might have. I also plan to add several blog posts on how I did things and the evolution of things here, so check that out in the blog. I also write about things related to my work here in my private blog that can be interesting at times.

Some things to get started though.

Applications used on the site:

  1. Forum
  2. Blog
  3. Gallery
  5. Commerce
  6. Pages
  7. Videobox
  8. Pages Category Images
  9. Menu Icons
  10. Quizzes
  11. Classifieds
  12. Links Directory
  13. 404 management


Plugins used on the site:

  1. Disable Images Lightbox
  2. Forum Moderators
  3. External Rich Embed


I also use:

  1. Pages Supergrid


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Excellent. Thank you. I wish more site were as open as this about their construction.

Are you using a purchased base theme, or created/modified a base theme?

Nice job on the site Jim 😃

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