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  1. @Jimi Wikman WOW! Absolutely spot on word for word I couldn't agree more. I have to say this on here because I have been prevented from posting on the IPS site - sanctioned and on post moderation by no less a person than the Chairman of the company Charles. No attempt to engage, just cut me off and shut me up. I'm not alone either, others have been sanctioned too. But it doesn't stop there either - some members have had their posts deleted, so now we have censorship going on. IPS is hopeless at communication, hopeless with people skills (severely lacking there) and all the while they pretend to 'listen' but end up doing nothing. I'm in communication with many people who I have befriended over the years and they are, or have, moved over to another platform - Xenforo being the favourite. I, myself, have taken down my own two sites and I am right on the edge of leaving. I have given them today to remove the sanction. I had no option but to acknowledge it if I wanted to use the Private Messenger system. I've never been sanctioned in my life, but I believe I was really cutting to the quick and they didn't like it. I certainly was not repeating myself, and even if I was I am entitled to voice my opinions as a paying client. After all, I have to listen to (read) the guff they reply with - the same thing repeated over and over. Many thanks for writing this Blog piece, you nailed it
  2. Here you go - if you need admin access just say: Home - Movie Buffs MOVIEBUFFS.ORG Fan site for Movie Buffs who love great movies and TV Shows - add and discuss content
  3. I made all those adjustments on an existing site and it just messed everything up, so I'm presuming this is only good when starting from scratch? The adjustments were made on a temporary theme, so no harm done in terms of the site, but if this is good for sites starting from scratch it may be an idea to mention this Otherwise, it all looks great.
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