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Jarek Solecki

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  1. Hi Jimi we have just released a new functionality with fast filters. I know this is one of the things you missed. Another one is coming!
  2. Welcome aboard Jarek 🙂

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    2. Jimi Wikman

      Jimi Wikman

      Thank you, I really like the work you do to make RTM one of the most exciting apps for Jira in a while 🙂

      I look forward to write more about it and you are more than welcome to post updates on the forum if you like. 

    3. Jarek Solecki

      Jarek Solecki

      I can not wait for that! 🙂
      Give me a few days and I will inform you about the first function you will definitely appreciate.

    4. Jimi Wikman

      Jimi Wikman

      Looking forward to it!

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