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Vue 3 - What's New? What Changed?

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Vue.js 3 is out! VueJS 2 already was an amazing framework, Vue 3 now improves it even more. It's mostly backwards compatible but there are a few changes you should be aware of. And there is one major new feature which is 100% optional but definitely worth a closer look!

I also updated my full Vue 2 course to Vue 3 (re-recorded it from the ground up!): https://acad.link/vuejs


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:28 Vue 3 Update - A "Phased Release"
  • 03:05 Changes Overview
  • 06:10 New Features Overview
  • 07:29 Demo - Project Setup
  • 09:18 Change: new Vue() becomes createApp()
  • 10:18 Change: "data" must be a method
  • 11:08 Change: Vue.component() etc becomes app.component()
  • 12:18 Minor Change / Feature: New "emits" Option
  • 13:13 Change: v-enter becomes v-enter-from
  • 15:19 Change: Router setup & transitions changed
  • 23:02 Change: Vuex setup changed
  • 25:22 New Features: Teleport & Fragments
  • 29:45 New Feature: Composition API
  • 30:10 New Feature: Better TypeScript Support

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