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Office 365 Roadmap Radar | What's New in Office 365 | November 2020 Update

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The Roadmap Radar is all about what's new and next in Office 365. We've scoured the Office 365 roadmap for updates so you don't have to. This month we have a lot of features landing in Teams, and some in SharePoint including SharePoint Spaces and Lists. If you want, you can skip straight to what you need...


  • 00:00 - Introduction TEAMS
  • 00:20 - New scenes in Together mode
  • 00:42 - New presence status features
  • 01:16 - New way to manage Teams meeting options
  • 01:40 - Free audio conferencing offer
  • 02:11 - Native Teams notifications for Windows and Mac
  • 02:41 - Virtual breakout rooms in meetings
  • 03:11 - Noise suppression in meetings
  • 03:47 - Screen sharing support for Safari


  • 04:03 - Commenting on Microsoft Lists
  • 04:56 - SharePoint Spaces generally available
  • 05:29 - New site performance page
  • 05:56 - Custom content types

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