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Color Variables, Components View and the Insert Window — New in Sketch 69

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With this latest Mac app update, we’re introducing three features that we think you’re going to love. First, Color Variables — a long-requested feature and a foundational building block for any design system. Then, a new Components View — a proper home for your document’s local Symbols, Text Styles, Layer Styles and Color Variables. Finally, a new Insert Window that makes finding and inserting Components easier than ever.


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    • By Jimi Wikman
      Sketch 69 is coming with:
      - Color Variables - create and apply color variables to multiple elements, change them all at once and scale your colors across a files, libraries and design systems
      - Components View - a completely new way to create and organize symbols, text styles, layer styles and color variables
      - Insert Window - quickly search for and insert everything in your libraries into your art-board in a faster more visual way.
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