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Getting started with Figma: A beginner's guide

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Figma is a really amazing design and prototyping tool that has exploded in popularity. If you are thinking about making the switch to it, or if you're looking to figure out how to use it, this tutorial is for you!

/// Timestamps

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:25 - What we are going to be building
  • 02:06 - What is Figma?
  • 03:03 - Starting a new project
  • 03:33 - basic interface
  • 04:12 - creating a frame (workspace/artboard)
  • 05:45 - creating basic shapes
  • 06:45 - color basics
  • 08:16 - the text tool
  • 12:30 - layer basics
  • 14:07 - Zooming in and out and moving around the frame
  • 16:57 - selecting, aligning, and locking items
  • 20:22 - duplicating items
  • 22:50 - stroke basics
  • 23:47 - moving things perfectly straight
  • 24:47 - more layer controls 26:59 - round corners
  • 28:46 - grouping items, equal distribution, layer organization
  • 31:45 - placing images
  • 35:29 - the scale tool
  • 37:15 - eye dropper and more on colors
  • 38:04 - making the layout look better with everything we learned

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