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Requirements and Test Management for Jira tutorial #2: requirements in Jira

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In this series of videos, we're showing you how you can bring a complete software project right inside your Jira by adding requirements and test management into your team's workflow.
In this tutorial, our Atlassian Apps Marketing Manager Dzmitry Hryb explains why it's crucial for the software project to store requirements along with the rest of the work to track, and breaks down all the possible ways to tackle this challenge using the Atlassian tools like Jira and Confluence.
0:30 - Integrating requirements into the project
2:51 - Requirements management in Jira
5:56 - RTM for Jira: Requirements
8:30 - Summary
Here are 6 best practices for requirements management: http://bit.ly/2Fghh37
Here's how your project management approach impacts documenting requirements: http://bit.ly/36dITlf
Contact Deviniti certified consultants at atlassian@deviniti.com if you need help with making Jira work for your software team.

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