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BigPicture SAFe® webinar [Jira]

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Scaled Agile Framework and PI planning in BigPicture [Jira].

  1. A quick tutorial. 1:03
  2. PI planning. Product roadmap 2:11
  3. Inputs and deliverables 2:47
  4. Product backlog (Scope, Epic - Feature - Story, WSJF) 3:48
  5. Program Board 4:04
  6. Team breakout session (capacity planning, decompose features into stories, planning iterations, dependencies) 6:02
  7. Objectives 6:36
  8. Scrum of Scrums 6:53
  9. Inspect and Adapt 7:43

How does BigPicture 8 contribute to SAFe®? See SAFe® whitepapers: https://softwareplant.com/safe/


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