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"METHOD-1" manned robot project by Korea Future Technology

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This real life fantasy like actual working manned-robot is from Korea Future Technology (K.F.T) and is still a work in progress.

This 2x the average human size manned-robot is all controlled from a single human and is said to be so heavy that the ground literally shakes when it walks. The reason why I'm so fascinated about this project isn't because it's bringing movies into real life, but rather the fact that it really got me thinking due to the fact that movies are't really all that fantasy and as a matter of actual reality that has been turned into entertainment to take advantage of the thirst for human interest and imagination. '

I'm personally extremely interested in this because it made me think and say wow! From mankind being half naked and throwing spears made from baboons while riding horses to testing out an almost complete individually controlled robot twice the size and higher than that of your average human height capable of doing almost everything that we cannot.

Really think about this for a minute. While all these technologies are a work in progress, don't forget that there is also an actual millions worth invested project proceeding the colonization of humans to the planet, Mars called Mars 1. In a few generations, centuries, decades or even years, humans will be roaming planets with robots like this one.

Games are not games and movies are not movies. Ever played a strategy game where you start your civilization with men with baboon spears in groups fighting off others and slowly make yourself on the way to the point your units are manned robots?

You're looking at that strategy game right now.


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