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The Most Hilarious Design Fails Ever Made

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Designers can have a bad day ?!

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    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      Jira tool manager with the task of stabilizing the system and setting up work processes for all teams within H&M. Responsible for several projects including cloud initiatives and coordination with other systems such as ServiceNow. Heavily involved in designing the build processes (requirements, development, design, deploy and test) for the process office. Responsible for the design and implementation of SAFe in Jira and the build processes. Responsible for a small team of Atlassian experts. Supported 400+ teams with Jira questions and training of work processes.
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      Polypane is a browser built from the ground up to create websites and apps and it just released version 2.1 with some nice new features. The aim is to give you better insights into your site and make the entire developer/designer workflow faster and the features to do so is pretty great.
      What's new?
      Quick list of the major new features:
      Live CSS Edit all panes at the same time Social media previews See what your page looks like when shared on Facebook, Slack, Twitter and LinkedIn. Meta info Get a full overview of all your meta tags Handoff / browse Use Avocode, Zeplin and more directly in Polypane Workspaces UI Quickly switch between your favorite pane sets Beyond that, we also added network throttling, new and improved overlays, better indicators, ways to detect when your site is shown in Polypane, speed improvements, and many more smaller features.
      You can read all the changes here:
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    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      I often get questions on how I think the best setup for Jira and Confluence should look when I meet organizations. Because of that I will make a series of posts about this where I setup Jira and Confluence from scratch. This will include not just how I do things, but also the thought behind it. I hope you will find this useful for setting up your own setup in Jira and Confluence.
      This series will be divided into several parts. This is because adding every step in a single post would make for a very long blog post. Dividing into a series also make it easier for you to look at specific parts that is most interesting for you at the moment. The parts that I have in mind could change as I write the series, but at the moment the plan is this:
      Part 1: Defining the tools Part 2: Defining Jira Issue Types Part 3: Defining Jira Issue workflows Part 4: Defining Jira Screens & Custom fields Part 5: Defining Jira security & access Part 6: Defining Confluence Information Structure Part 7: Defining Confluence Requirement Templates Part 8: Defining Confluence Design Templates With the setup completed in Jira and Confluence I will probably add a second series called "Work processes in Confluence & Jira - From Need to Deploy" where we go through how to use the setup from a practical point of view. It will be a more generic process so it can be used in any methodology with some minor tweaks. If anyone want I could also add a post about how to use the power of Jira and Confluence for programmers without ever leaving your IDE.
      Is there anything you miss from this series that you feel I should add?
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      Allas favorit Slack har gjort en liten ansiktslyftning. Ett nytt enhetligt designspråk med en ganska trevlig tonalitet har ersatt deras lite spretiga och gammalmodiga design profil. Resultatet är ganska trevligt måste jag erkänna.
      Slack har på senaste tiden positionerat om sig lite med deras samarbete med Atlassian och nu deras mognare och mer professionella framtoning. Det är en riktigt snygg lösning som designbyrån Pentagram tagit fram. Den är lekfull, färgrik (men ändå med betydligt färre färger än tidigare design) och framförallt enhetlig.
      Om du vill läsa lite om tankarna bakom re-designen så kan du läsa det på Pentagons sida. Där hittar du även flera bilder och exempel på hur den nya profilen kan användas.
      Från mig får Slack två godkännande tummar.
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      En av anledningarna till att det går lite segt här är för att jag inte riktigt gillar ändringarna efter senaste WordPress uppdateringen. Inte med WordPress utan för hur mitt tema har reagerat med det.
      Små saker som att textblocken är fetstilta fast de inte är det och för att det är lite väl många plugins och liknande just nu har fått mig att vilja ändra lite på saker och ting. Jag kikar på ett nytt tema som heter ”The Gem” som jag gillar, men vi får se vad det blir till slut.
      Jag är på en lite annorlunda plats i livet just nu känns det som så det känns som en bra tidpunkt att skriva lite igen. Fast då vill jag göra om lite på sidan och strukturera om saker lite.
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