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INSANE WARLOCK BUILD! Unlimited Grenades, Melee & Supers! Become A Sun God[Destiny 2 Season Of Dawn]

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Hey Everyone! Alright so this is a build video for top tree DawnBlade and I must say that this build is the most fun I have had in a really long time playing warlock! Were are basically sun god's and it feels absolutely amazing! We have infinite grenades, Melee and basically infinite supers!

We also get to hover and fly through the sky so it is very fun and very effective warlock build for season of dawn If you do enjoy this video and find it helpful then make sure to subscribe the channel! Also if you could leave a rating down below and also a comment on what you think of this build and if we can improve it in any way!

Okay so make sure to pay attention because there a lot of different things that allow us to make this build work so well together!


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