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Destiny 2 Warlock Build: The BEST PVP SUPPORT Warlock BUILD! [Class Guide]

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Destiny 2 Warlock Build: The BEST PVP SUPPORT Warlock BUILD! [Class Guide]

Hey Everyone!

So were back with another Destiny 2 Build and this time it is for the Warlock and I must say it is pretty sweet to make plays with this particular build!

This is the Best pvp Support Warlock Build in the game and the cool thing about it is it is not amplified at all by any kind of Artifact mods so if next season there is any type of mod that does something for Solar classes then this Support Build could be a absolute Beast in the right hands!

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Okay so why would you want to use a pvp support build in Destiny 2?

Well this build has a ton of survive ability so if your playing Comp or Survival then this build works great! It has a ton of tools to keep you alive and it definitely helps that efficiency or KD! Also your making your other 2 teammates much stronger and helping there survive ability as well! I honestly would rank this build pretty high up there and people say the super sucks well since shadow keep launched and supers got a nerf the Well of Radiance is actually much more viable now then people think especially to lock down heavy for a round and we all know that heavy wins games!

Okay so lets go over the subclass first and the reason I always go over the subclass is because when you truly understand a subclass in Destiny 2 it makes whatever type of build your running so much better!

So the first perk here is.......

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