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Destiny 2 HUNTER BUILD: This Hunter Build is a AD CLEARING MACHINE!

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Hey Guys!

Plunder here and in today's build video I wanted to go over a pretty thunderous Destiny 2 Hunter build that is a Ad clearing machine and we are using some pretty forgotten exotics with it! You can basically have unlimited grenades and abilities with this build and it is hella fun to use. Also it is one of the coolest sub classes in the game in the way it looks and performs on screen so that's always a bonus!

If you guys do enjoy this video then please hit that subscribe button and join the crew! Also make sure to hit the bell icon so you know when a new video goes live! If you guys could leave a like on the video that would be so greatly appreciated as well and make sure to leave a comment with any suggestions and questions you might have or to just say Hi to me cause I enjoy talking with you guys!

Okay so we are rocking middle tree Arc staff for this build and lets go over these perks really quickly because this subclass has some great synergy and were going to make it even better with our weapons, armor and mods!

Destiny 2 HUNTER BUILD: This Hunter Build is a AD CLEARING MACHINE!

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