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Quick Notes from Freezy3 thing discussed in the video

  • World Bosses
  • Key Dungeons(new GR system) You do adventures in the world to get a keystone that is for that specific dungeon. It'll have affixes like m+ system and will increase in difficulty. One of the affixes as an example is a lightning pillar that will follow you through the dungeon which will do damage if you're too slow. EDIT: Cap appears to be 40 (difficulty) right now, whatever that actually means.
  • Legendary items will not be a big everything to 1 skill system to have crazy % modifiers on certain skills. They're building 100's of legendaries atm.
  • Legendaries will be as strong as OR more powerful than set items.
  • Tmog is being considered -No official SSF league or mode -Leaderboards atm are more aimed towards specific activities similar to conquests rather than pure GR pushing. -No AH, various types of items in terms of tradability. Strongest items being BoP, some that can be traded a single time before soulbound, and others like crafting mats that will be tradable regardless. But being worked on so could/probably will change.
  • Crafting will be a thing, most end game will be item modification for crafting but won't be too similar to poe as diablo is more about slaying mobs.
  • Seasons will be a thing and will adapt and change the most powerful legendaries each season so the metagame will shift.
  • Plans to adjust mechanics to shift metagame too and will be producing patches and expansions to also deal with this.
  • Skills are base skills and the rune equivalents from D3 will be modified via items. As you lvl up you can add points to skills which will make them more powerful. Cannot currently respec skills, but can do content to get more skill points through the game.
  • Base game purchase, with expansions later on. There will be MTX for cosmetics
  • No plans for hideouts(PoE) currently
  • No plans for addons, likely no damage meters but game will come with everything you need to play the game. -Ability to change keybinds and move skills where you want
  • EDIT: May or may not release before we die

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