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Welcome to InVision Studio | Overview

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    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      Discover the world’s most powerful screen design tool. Visit: https://www.invisionapp.com/studio When you’re ready to take the fidelity of your prototypes to the next level, the Motion transition allows complete control over the transition that takes place between each and every layer of your screens. When applying the Motion transition to an interaction, Studio automatically links up the matching layers between the source and destination screens and animates the differences. This allows us to worry about little more than just point A and point B.
      InVision is the world’s leading product design collaboration platform, trusted by more than 3 million designers at companies like Uber, Netflix and Twitter. InVision empowers teams of all sizes to prototype, review, iterate, manage and test web and mobile apps—all without a single line of code.
      Get InVision free forever: http://invs.io/1QOCxZq
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