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  • [Roles-80] - Define the fields for the Roles database

    Created By Jimi Wikman


    The fields I plan to have so far are:

    • Role Description
    • Responsibilities
    • Mandates
    • Report to
    • Staff reporting
    • Organization Placement
    • Work Direction (up/down)
    • Personality (Introvert/extrovert)
    • -----Relations-----
    • Related Products
    • Related Projects
    • Related Frameworks (does not exist)
    • Role Certifications (does not exist)
    • People in this role (does not exist)
    1. Roles
      In Progress

    Child Issues
    Assigned to:
    Original Estimate:
    2 Hours
    Time Remaining:
    2 Hours
    Time Spent:
    0.00 Hours

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