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    As your organization’s admin, you act – in many ways – like the helmsman of its ship. Teams look to you to keep their tech stack sturdy – you outfit the organization with improvements and new technologies, and you navigate them smoothly through any and all product changes.

    In a growing organization, even the smallest changes within your products can ripple into larger waves that affect your organization and your users. If updates roll out when you’re not prepared for them, your teams’ workflows can be affected, which can ultimately cause delays or disruptions.

    Across the Atlassian platform, we are continually making changes to our cloud features and capabilities in order to improve your product experience and expand what you can do with Atlassian’s cloud products. Our own admins work with hundreds of teams stretched across multiple continents, so we understand that it helps to have a detailed plan allowing you to stay informed, prepared, and ready to implement these changes within your organization. That’s why we’re committed to making it as easy as possible for admins to manage change seamlessly in the Atlassian Cloud platform.

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