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    Delighted about Product Management

    Jimi Wikman

    Customers deserve the best experiences. Business stakeholders deserve winning outcomes. Teams deserve to build and evolve innovative solutions. Today’s enterprises need people who can apply market insights, business strategy, technology strategy, and Lean-Agile thinking to define products and services that delight all those who build, support, fund, and consume them.

    These superheroes, collectively, are Product Management—a critical function in SAFe that is responsible for defining desirable, viable, feasible, and sustainable solutions that meet customer needs and for supporting development across the entire product life cycle.

    We are delighted to announce a special update to the Product Management article to better convey the essential characteristics of this role.

    We have expanded Product Management’s responsibilities into the five areas below, recognizing that delivering sustainable value involves much more than simply getting products built, shipped, and supported.

    Product Management areas of responsibility

    We have clarified the primary job to be done by Product Management. In addition to defining valuable solutions, the glossary definition, which appears at the top of the article, now includes active involvement in the ongoing evolution of those solutions.

    We have updated Product Management’s key collaborations, emphasizing that Product Managers not only apply specialized skills within their domain but work closely with others in the organization to align on outcomes, steer the ART, and continually evolve solutions.

    Finally, we have streamlined the other, more peripheral aspects of the role to emphasize the characteristics above. However, the article still explains the differences between internal and external customers and appreciates that Product Managers are often customers of each other when developing composite solutions.

    We hope you’ll be delighted with these updates and encourage you to treat this and the recently updated Product Owner article as a complementary set.


    —Marc and the Framework Team

    The post Delighted about Product Management appeared first on Scaled Agile Framework.

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