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  • Guest Blogging.

    To me it is important that the information shared here is handled with care. This is one of the reasons I have selected this platform and it is one of the metrixs used when choosing hosting and so on. While it is not possible to be 100% secure I want to be as close as possible.

    Your data is yours and yours alone and as such you should feel confident that any data you share here is under your control. This section is dedicated to legal information to protect you and me both from legal issues. If at any time you feel that your data is not treated with respect or if you want your data removed, then just contact me.

    Contact me (non-member) Contact me regarding legal issues
  • Guest blogging can be done for many reasons. You may want to use it to build links to your own website for SEO reasons. You may not have a platform of your own or maybe you just want to contribute to this site to build your profile as an expert in your field. No matter what your reasons are they are ok here, in fact we want to help you get the most of you contributions.

    We want people to know who you are

    When you guest blog here we will make sure that you get proper visibility. Each blog post will show information about you and you can cusomize this for every blog post you write. This ensures that you can add the text that is most beneficial for you for that blog post.

    We want to link to your sites

    Regardless if you just want traffic or you want to strengthen your SEO, we want to make sure you get the best traffic possible. All links are under your control and we do not add follow or other measures to prevent you from getting the link juice.

    We will promote you and your articles

    On the blog we will promote you to the best of our ability. Things like top contributors are already there and I will build additional content pages such as author landing pages that can boost your SEO and traffic even more.

  • How is this done?

    Any member can submit blog articles. All you have to do is go to the blog and click on the "Add new blog article" button. Select the appropriate category and then add your article. Once submitted I will review it and publish once we are both happy with the article. If you follow the guideline below, then this should not be a problem and your article will be published right away.


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