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    Using iPad Pro as work tool

    Jimi Wikman

    This week I took a trip to Moscow for some workshops and I only brought my iPad. Not only did it do everything I needed it to do, it actually added a new dimension using the Apple Pencil to take notes. It was a very nice setup actually that really worked.

    To be fair I did not do much typing at all during this trip. The majority of usage was using the Apple Pencil to take notes in GoodNotes 5. Mail worked well and everything else I normally use, but my iPad Pro spent most of the time flat on the table with me writing down notes. It was very satisfying for sure.

    I can say that even now, before having iPadOS, this setup really, really works for me. I will need to test some screen sharing and see how it works through VPN and such, but so far mi iPad Pro is definitely getting the work done!

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