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    Internet Explorer is dead - Internet Explorer is officially retired and out of support

    Jimi Wikman

    Internet Explorer is DEAD. Finally. After decades of making lives miserably for thousands upon thousands of front end developers across the globe, we can finally celebrate the end of Internet Explorer. For me, this is a great relief and yet another remnant of the Steve Ballmer area that I am happy to see put to rest. Microsoft will not put their efforts into Microsoft Edge, which like most things that has been introduced under Satya Nadella seems to be pretty good.

    Microsoft has finally announced the death of Internet Explorer as they officially retire and end support for Internet Explorer 11. It has been a long time coming, and many of us old people have grown up with Internet Explorer. Some of us even remember the battle with Netscape, back in the days before Netscape became Mozilla and then re-invented itself as Firefox. We have seen Internet Explorer almost gain monopoly status, only to slowly die as Firefox and Chrome ate away the market share.

    As frontend developers, many have cursed over the course that Microsoft steered Internet Explorer under Steve Ballmer's reign, always insisting on having its own quirks that forced countless hours to "fix". For many years, front end developers had to support the hated Internet Explorer 6 because it had been built in into many company solutions at the time. It was hell. Pure and simple.

    Ever since, Internet Explorer has been despised for its reluctance to conform with standards the other browsers agreed upon and for the need to polyfill and CSS hack just to make websites cope with the madness.

    I, for one, are glad that Internet Explorer is dead.

    Now, rest in peace and long live Edge.


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      About the Author

      Jimi Wikman is an experienced and much appreciated consultant that have worked as team lead, scrum master and project manager for many years. He is also a popular work process designer and educator with a specialty in the Atlassian products. With more than 25 years practical experience as a frontend developer, graphic designer, tester and requirement analyst he knows the pain and pleasures of what the teams face on a daily basis.

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