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    Goodbye Killjoys and thank you for the entertainment

    Jimi Wikman

    After almost 5 years Killjoys has come to it's last episode. It has been a bumpy ride with it's up and down, but for a very long time now this show was my Sunday entertainment on HBO. That is now over and it feels a bit sad to be honest.

    2015 was a good year with 2 new science fiction series starting to air on Sundays: Killjoys and Dark Matter. In 2017 Dark Matter was cancelled and ever since I have enjoyed some lighthearted, humor filled kick-ass sci-fi through Killjoys. Yesterday that all changed.

    The last episode of Killjoys was aired.

    I will be the first to admit that the show has been struggling a bit since season 3, so it is not surprising that it was cancelled. Don't get me wrong, season 4 and 5 has been great, but I feel that season 3 was the peak of the show.

    It is strange that you can get emotional over a tv show ending, but after 5 years and 50 episodes watching Hannah John-Kamen  and Aaron Ashmore  expand their family with Luke Macfarlane as Aaron's older brother, Thom Allison as the gay warlord/bartender, Kelly McCormack as the weird scientist, Rob Stewart as the estranged father figure, Patrick Garrow as the grumpy military guy and Mayko Nguyen  as the grumpy noble woman to mention a few, you kind of grow fond of the cast that comes to visit every Sunday.

    I will miss following the unlikely heroes of the Quad and share a laugh or two with the charming cast as they kick alien butt. If you have not seen the show yet, then I suggest you give it a go over at HBO.

    Goodbye Killjoys and thank you for the entertainment.



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