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    Global Internet Outage affects games and services all around the world

    Jimi Wikman

    A global Internet Outage that is affecting thousands of services is currently in effect. It seems that the origin is Level3 / Centurylink which affects not just games, but also internet traffic and even phone services. It is safe to say that people are not happy at the moment.

    It seems that this started just before lunch swedish time and reports of network issues started flood in right after that. Popular games suddenly had server issues and the list of affected services on Downdetector grew fast. Centurylink seem to have some serious issues right now as they seem to have somehow manage to break IPv4 and IPv6 making traffic loop without finding their intended destination.

    Screenshot 2020-08-30 at 16.13.54.png

    Besides breaking a large portion of services it also seem that their ISP part is also down, causing a lot of people loose their Internet connection. This also affect IP based phone services of course, which could be a big problem.

    Based on reports from different sources, such as the Cloud Helix status page it seems that CenturyLink have identified multiple Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) issues causing service impacts across multiple markets. This would explain the IPv4 and IPv6 issues and it is not a total surprise that the now 26 year old protocol would be the cause.

    We are still waiting fo the official word from CenturyLink that has remained dead silent about the situation. That is never a good sign, even if it is a sunday and the world in general is a bit crazy.

    We hope for a quick resolution and hope everyone affected remain safe and calm.

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