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    Sketch 62 - an update to the Mac app

    Jimi Wikman

    A nice new update for Sketch mac app came out yesterday. It comes with some nice quality of life additions and some bugfixes as well as two new features. It's a good start on the new year I think.

    New Smart Layout controls

    In this release we got a nice new addition where we can set minimum width for symbols. This is useful for making sure your assets look good when doing overrides as well as controlling size for tap and other things. Maximum dimension is coming soon as well so you can get even more control.


    Now, when you give a Symbol Smart Layout properties, you’ll see a field for minimum height (for vertical layouts) or minimum width (for horizontal layouts) under the Layout panel in the Inspector.

    New Smart Layout controls sketch 62.gif

    A better way to save

    A nifty new interface for the save function provide the option to save to cloud or locally in one dialog instead of two.


    We’ve completely rewritten our save dialog to give you flexibility and control about where your documents live when you hit save. That way you can experiment and try out new ideas without worrying that your document is saving to Cloud and already being shared with your team.

    A better way to save sketch 62.gif

    A whole host of improvements and bug fixes



    With the first release of the year, we wanted to take some time to make some small but important improvements across the app, along with a round of bug fixes that address some of the most common issues you’ve been running into. Here are some of the highlights:

    • We’ve added Libraries tabs to the sidebar of the Documents window, giving you a quick way to find Libraries you share with your Team(s) on Cloud.
    • The Components Panel and popover should feel faster and smoother when you’re working with Libraries of all shapes and sizes (and we’ve got more improvements on the way in future updates).
    • We’ve improved the accuracy and appearance of documents with missing fonts, especially for text layers with specific alignment or Smart Layout settings and where multiple instances of the same text layer appear in a single document.



    Not the largest update, but still some nice quality of life changes. A larger update is scheduled for later this month it seems according to the release post.


    After an exciting end to 2019, we’re kicking off the year with an update to the Mac app. Here’s what’s new in Sketch 62…


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