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    Procreate 5 - five new features

    Jimi Wikman

    Procreate 5 has been announced and with it comes some cool new features such as brand new cutting edge graphics engine and the new brush studio. I will try to tell you about five of them that I think is pretty cool and that i think will really make this upgrade worth while.

    Procreate 5 is built on a new graphics engine called Valkyrie. This will not only improve performance, but will also allow new features such as importing Photoshop brushes and customizable brush options.

    "the new cutting-edge graphics engine designed to elevate Apple Pencil and iPad Pro to new heights."


    Brush studio is a brush editing tool that will let users combine two brushes to create custom Dual Brushes, and features over 150 different brush settings. Users will be able to manually adjust the Apple Pencil’s pressure and tilt settings, and use the built-in texture generator to create their own brushes. This will give you get hundreds of different brush variables to play with.

    "Seeking the perfect brush to suit your style? Craft your own from the ground up. Using the built-in graphically accelerated texture generator, you'll be able to make the brush you need in seconds."


    Animations, which was introduced back in April is given an upgrade as well. Animation Assist has features like onion skinning, (which shows a faint outline of the previous layer, and instant playback.

    procreate 5 animation.gif


    Colors are given some new dynamics options which will allow multiple colors in one brush stroke based on how much tilt and pressure is applied. We will also see support for CMYK, which is great for users working with print, and RGB ICC profiles.

    "Enjoy a level of control unmatched by any other platform. Transform colors on the fly with complete control using Color Dynamics and Apple Pencil's pressure and tilt technology."


    We will also see a new interface where the users will be able to move around the floating Color Picker and the transform and selection modes have been redesigned for better visibility on the canvas. There's also a new Clone Tool so you can  duplicate textures.

    "Working in harmony with the entire suite of Procreate brushes, the new Clone Tool and CMYK support will change the game for concept artists and digital painters. There’s something here for everyone."


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