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    7 years working with Ornamo Antar

    Jimi Wikman

    Seven years ago I met this young developer named Ornamo. Pretty fresh out of school there was something about him that made me think that this guy will go places. Today I see that I was right and still his journey has just started.

    The thing that struck me back when we first met was his passion for code. It was not just something he did for work, it was something he really loved doing. He did code on his free time and every moment he looked at ways to improve. He was hungry and eager to become the best version of himself.

    Our first years we mostly worked side by side. I had the seniority, but Ornamo had the skills. Even with my 15+ years experience in front end development, Ornamo was way ahead of me from the first time we met. Later on as I was pushed a bit into project management Ornamo was always the one I looked to for the role of architect and leadership.

    I nudged him a bit here and there and pushed him to take on more responsibility and he just excelled every time. This just confirmed my feelings that Ornamo is destined for greater things. Not only is his skill set amazing, he works extremely well with everyone around him as well.

    As most front end developers he understand the design process and the UX principles. In fact I think he could easily move into that field professionally if his love for code was not so strong. He is a natural leader without trying. People simply follow him because they want to rather than some artificial role give to him. This is something that I think will eventually lead Ornamo to the same path as I have been given when sooner or later he will become a more formal leader as a project manager or product owner.

    I know few people that are as kind and generous as Ornamo is. He is loyal and respectful and will always give you his absolute best. He is diplomatic and is naturally attuned to the dynamics in any work group. Although he prefer to be in a position where he can learn from the other members of the team, he have no problem taking on the mentor hat and share everything he knows. There is no prestige or ego driving Ornamo, only constant improvement and making the best possible solutions.

    So now, seven years since we first met, I no longer see a young developer in Ornamo. I see a man who not only have become a skilled professional that is well respected by his peers and his clients alike. A married man who I expect soon will not only be a loving husband, but also an amazing father. A successful man that in a very short time have impressed me beyond words.

    I am deeply honored have the privilege to work side by side with a man that have a future ahead of him that is well beyond anything I could ever achieve. I have watched Ornamo grow with every challenge presented before him and I am certain that he will continue to grow for many, many years to come. Already today he is one of the most skilled and experienced front end developer I know.

    Ornamo Antar is a true unicorn with a bright future that will be amazing to follow.


    Learn more about Ornamo Antar on Linkedin:

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