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    Sweden stregthen their security - by establishing a national security center

    Jimi Wikman

    Sweden is setting up a national security center. This was decided on December 10th by the government to commission Försvarets radioanstalt, Försvars­makten, Myndig­heten för samhälls­skydd och beredskap and Säkerhets­polisen to establish a national cyber security center. The purpose is to strengthen Sweden's overall ability to prevent, detect and manage cyber threats.

    The government writes that the cyber threats against Sweden and Swedish interests are extensive. With technology development and digitalization, the threats and vulnerabilities increase, which means that security needs to be strengthened. The national cyber security center will contribute to making Sweden safer by increasing the overall ability to meet cyber threats and effectively support both public and private actors. This will contribute to strengthening security in society as a whole, the government believes.


    - By bringing together Sweden's cutting-edge expertise in the field, the national cyber security center will make Sweden more secure and strengthen security for Swedish interests. Socially important activities and sensitive or secret information must be protected from intrusion, sabotage and leaks. It is crucial for us to also be able to take advantage of the opportunities of digitalisation, says Minister of the Interior Mikael Damberg.

    Within the framework of the cyber security center, the authorities shall:

    • Coordinate work to prevent, detect and manage cyber attacks and other IT incidents.
    • Provide advice and support regarding threats, vulnerabilities and risks.
    • Provide a national platform for collaboration and information exchange with private and public actors in the field of cyber security.

    In total, the government estimates an investment of SEK 440 million in the cyber security center up to and including 2025.

    • 2021 - 50 million SEK
    • 2022 - 60 million SEK
    • 2023 - 60 million SEK
    • 2024 - 120 million SEK
    • 2025 - 150 million SEK



    - With the establishment of the cyber security center, an important step is taken to improve our overall ability to protect Sweden and Swedish interests and reduce vulnerabilities. The government will work closely with the relevant authorities on the continued work, says Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist.


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      Jimi Wikman is an experienced and much appreciated consultant that have worked as team lead, scrum master and project manager for many years. He is also a popular work process designer and educator with a specialty in the Atlassian products. With more than 25 years practical experience as a frontend developer, graphic designer, tester and requirement analyst he knows the pain and pleasures of what the teams face on a daily basis.

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