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    Agile 2 is here - the new iteration of Agile

    Jimi Wikman

    Agile 2 is here. It has been in the works for a while and from what I can tell there has been some sharp and experienced minds involved in that work. It is in many ways a retrospective, but also a way to look at the great failure that is Agile. A failure that originates in the division of visions and the ideal becoming absolutes. Agile 2 hope to change that and it is a great ambition that have my wholehearted support.

    In the case for Agile 2 the statement is that one of the issues with the original is that it lack the inclusion of leadership. I agree with that as well as to note that the developers do not always enjoy what is referred as Agile in many organizations. The fracture of the Agile community and then the stagnation into a fixed perception almost to the point of worship also resonate with me.


    Large organizations that tried to use Agile – the word quickly became a noun – often failed. This was no surprise because early Agile was about individual teams, but a large organization is far more complex than a single team. Everyone expected that over time, consensus would emerge for how to use Agile methods at scale, but instead, the community continued to splinter. Today, organizations that want to use Agile methods at scale are stuck choosing one of several competing and divergent approaches.

    This is by far the most common experience for me when meeting with organizations. A will to move towards Agile, but a methodology that is fixed in its ways and lack the component of leadership and steering. I also find the interpretation of Agile to be heavily reduced when facing the opposition of reality, leading to an ad hoc situation that is damaging and frustrating to the people involved.

    At first glance Agile 2 seem to be on the right track. I look forward to seeing where this will go and how it will challenge today's Agile community. Hopefully the Agile community will adopt their own methodology and embrace this new input to evolve their way of working.

    I support the work of Agile 2 and I hope you do too.





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