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    What can you expect from this site?

    Jimi Wikman

    This site is still very much in it's infancy and I have some plans for it that. Some are short term, some medium term and some are long term. What you can expect regardless, is a lot of content and resources. Hopefully also some interaction, even if that is not the immediate goal.

    Short Term Goals

    My short term goals in the next month or two are to continue to build up the layout and content areas. Right now this site have a good core for creating content where focus will of course be this blog. The design is still not 100% and I have some cleaning up to do for the Pages section especially. As I get the basics done for my Projects section and my Education sections I will start adding the content. You can expect that to happen quite soon. 

    Also in the short term goals I will work on building content for the videos section and rebuild my Swedish Blog.


    Medium Term Goals

    The Medium goals in the next 6 months are to add new content areas such as Profiles and Hosting databases. Profiles will be a continuation of my interview series I started almost 2 years ago. The idea is to present and promote people that I think are interesting and amazing. In some ways it can tie into helping people to get new business and job opportunities, but the main goal is just to showcase amazing people.

    The hosting database is a pet project since I have been involved in the hosting business for almost 20 years now. It will be a little experiment on making a review database as well as testing to see if it is possible to make some passive income from referrals. Hopefully it can also generate sales and new clients for the hosting companies as well as make things easier for new webmasters looking for a place to host their sites.

    I might add additional databases as well such as Books and Movies & TV databases, but I don't want to rush or spread myself to thin.

    Long Term Goals

    My website has always been about experimentation and exploring the ways the web can be utilized for different things. As I now have a very powerful foundation for building all kind of content I will explore many, many exciting things here. This platform also have a very strong community foundation and my long term goal is to make this a natural place to become a member on. I want to use this platform as a way for me to express myself and showcase my own thoughts and creations, but also as a way to share my knowledge and experiences. If I can help someone to a more successful career by sharing my network of contacts or support someone who are in need of guidance or just to listen, then that would be amazing.

    I have been building this site since 2002 and I am in no rush to finish it. The journey of creation is the most satisfying one and I plan to work on this one for a very long time...

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