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    Keeping track of life with Daylio

    Jimi Wikman

    If you are anything like me, then you track all kind of things about your life. Whether it is your heart rate, physical exercises or the calories you digest, we track them on a daily basis in our smart devices. Mental health and your mood is not as common to track however. For me who also like to scribble down short reminders here and there I found Daylio to be quite interesting for track your mood and mental health.

    Daylio is not a medical tool in any way. It is a micro diary. It is very customizable and you can edit the activities and your moods easily to fit the tracking you want to do. For me that are my state of mind, but also how often I get sick. This is so I can get a grasp on the extent I get affected by my SHR and what might trigger it. I also track things like how often I take medicine and nutrients and so on.

    The written part is designed to be very short. I write down very basic things about my day just as a reminder on what I did during that day. It kind of remind me of the school calendars you had when you where young where you were limited to a few words at most.

    Once you start adding daily entries you can see activities and mood in a calendar view as well as statistics view where you get a number of useful diagrams and statistics.


    Now this can be used in any way you like, whether it is to track your training habits, quit smoking or your state of mind. I like this app a lot because it is extremely easy to use and it can be customized to be useful in many situations. The micro diary part is just icing on the cake and super fun to look back on.


    Daylio is Mood Tracker slash Micro Diary. Daylio enables you to keep a private diary without having to type a single line. Try this...


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