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    Jira Product Discovery - The missing link between business and IT?

    Jimi Wikman

    Atlassian has just released their new product called Jira Product Discovery in Beta. It is a new project type in Jira Software, just like Jira Work Management, and sadly it is equally a bit lackluster when it comes to functionality. It is however a very nice addition and it has the potential to bridge the gap between business and IT, which is currently being done with creative setups in Jira Software.

    So what is Jira Product Discovery?

    In short, it is a tool for adding good ideas where you can define value and cost in order to make educated decisions on what to focus on first for your different products. Or just to start new products and value streams. Right out of the box in the Beta, we find many good features such as visual fields for effort and goal impact, the ability to score ideas and the most powerful aspect is the connection to create epics in other Jira projects to truly connect ideation with delivery.

    Jira Product Discovery is a very nice new product that can compete with other tools like Aha!, but it is also a typical Atlassian product with limited functionality that may or may not expand down the road. This has been a problem for Atlassian in the last 5 years or so and it can affect the sales of this new product, unless it becomes part of the core like Jira Work Management is now.


    Functionality looks great!

    Even with the risk of having a less advanced feature set than some of the competitors, Jira Product Discovery have a good feature set already.  Things like goals, what can target strategic values, or even smaller product goals is something I work with a lot. Things like effort ranking, key customers and connections to time periods and something they call buckets are all great features.

    The ability to add automatic calculation of value is great, but I would like to see the ability to add negative values as well for things like risk and effort. Overall the score system is quite simple and it needs a more granular setup for it to be useful in large scale organizations.

    Overall, I think this first iteration of Jira Product Discovery looks impressive and it will most likely fit many companies need as is.


    It is a Beta

    It is easy to point to things that are not awesome right now, but it is important to know that this is a Beta. As such it will be features that are either not yet there, not finished or that will change during the Beta. While I see several things that I think are essential for the future success of Jira Product Discovery as a product, I would not discourage any organization from trying this out even in its Beta format.

    That is because this fit a very critical gap in the current product flora for Atlassian and I think this hit the spot pretty close to what a lot of people have been asking for, for a long time.

    Don't take my word for it, though, head on over and try it out yourself.


    Introduction Video


    • Jira Product Discovery - Introduction to the Product

      Jira Product Discovery is the new product management tool for agile teams. It helps product managers build what matters by serving as the place to capture insights and opportunities, prioritize impact, and engage teams around product plans – from discovery through delivery. Jira Product Discovery is available as an early access alpha release today.

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      About the Author

      Jimi is an Atlassian Expert with many years of experience in configuring and designing ways of working in Jira, Confluence and Jira Service Desk. He has built setups based on multiple processes and methods, including SAFe and ITIL.

      He has good understanding of the technical setup of integrations, as well as insight into competing software such as ServiceNow. He understands the problems involved with introducing new ways of working and is well experienced in coaching and training small and large work forces.

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