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    New navigation for Jira & Confluence

    Jimi Wikman

    In the coming months we will see some changes to the navigation in Jira and Confluence for the cloud versions.  This after a round of feedback was done in July this year on the new experience. This change will roll out slowly and you can delay the change if you need time to prepare the users for the change.

    There has been some negative feedback regarding the current navigation in Jira and Confluence cloud as it is a bit difficult to use. This is why a new experience was designed and tested during the summer by 350+ users. The feedback on the new navigation was positive and so now it is going live to cloud users in a slow rollout.


    This is a rollback to the old navigation experience which is good as it will make the transition from Server and DC versions easier. I like the new apps and people sections in the navigation as well. That should make it easier to group things to keep navigation organized. The fact that Jira and Confluence now get a uniform navigation is also excellent.



    We are making it faster to navigate:

    • Quick access to everything you need in Jira: Get instant access to Projects, Filters, Dashboards and Marketplace Apps, no need to dig through submenus.
    • Fewer clicks to move between screens: Everything you need can be accessed through the menu dropdowns with starred items at the top and recently visited items below.

    We are making it easier to find work:

    • A clear indication of which product you’re in: We’ve added our product wordmark to our logos so that you’ll always know whether you’re working in Jira Software or Confluence and how to switch between them.
    • A more discoverable search & create experience: We’ve made the create button and search bar more intuitive and easier to access to that you can create issues, and search for boards, queues, issues and filters in Jira from anywhere.


    On the documentation page for the new Confluence navigation we find more details on the new navigation and it's design.


    1. App switcher - Switch to other Atlassian Cloud apps, like Jira, and go to recent Confluence spaces and Jira projects.

    2. Confluence logo and name - Click this to go to the Confluence Home page.

    3. Home - Begin your Confluence journey and reorient yourself when you’re moving on to a new piece of work by easily accessing the spaces, pages, and updates that are important to you.

    4. Recent - Access pages you’ve recently visited and worked on as well as pages saved as draft or starred.

    5. Spaces - Get to spaces you’ve recently visited and starred.

    6. People - Search for people on your site by visiting the people directory.

    7. Apps - Access content from apps like Analytics, Calendars for Confluence, or Questions for Confluence.

    8. Create - Click to create a new page, either blank or from a template.

    9. Search - Find pages, spaces, and other content.

    10. Notifications - Find out what's happening in Confluence and other Atlassian apps, like Jira.

    11. Help - Get online help, and find out what's new in your Atlassian Cloud apps.

    12. Your profile and settings - Go to or create your personal space, find out about the new Confluence experience, and adjust your Confluence settings.


    New Homepage

    In addition to the new navigation we will also get a new start page, or home page as it is called. This will appear in both Jira and Confluence cloud at the same time as we will see the new navigation.

    For Confluence it will give an overview over:

    • Spaces - Get back to the spaces you care about, starred or recently visited
    • Recent pages - Find pages you’ve drafted, recently published, visited, or starred
    • All updates - View the updates across your site



    The Home page for Jira follow that principle, but is a bit slimmed down. I think there are more things that can go in this view and I hope we will see the same structure as for Confluence in the future. So instead of spaces we would have projects and then I would like to have a list of favorite boards somewhere.

    Software - next-gen - your work.png


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