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    Atlassian acquire Percept.ai - strengthening their ITSM products even further

    Jimi Wikman

    Atlassian announced yesterday that they have acquired the small California based company Percept.ai, a company that focuses on AI technology to automize support flows, in quite impressive ways. This will strengthen the tool set of Jira Service Management with a new automation technology in the form of a no-code virtual agent that I think will add a lot to the Jira Service Management experience.


    We’re delighted to announce today that Atlassian has acquired Percept.AI, an AI-powered virtual agent technology provider, to expand frontline support capabilities in Jira Service Management. This acquisition builds on our previous investments in AI and machine learning, designed to help customers efficiently deliver great employee and customer support experiences at high velocity.

    - Atlassian Press Release

    While Edwin Wong, the Head of Product Management at Atlassian, did not go into any details in the announcement, it is clear that this will be an important part of the future of Jira Service Management. I also think the acquisition of Percept.ai and their virtual agent technology will find its way into other areas of the Atlassian suite, and I would not be surprised to see an AI driven onboarding agent in the future!

    I think this is a strong acquisition and an important one for the Jira Service Management product specifically and for Atlassian in general.


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      About the Author

      Jimi is an Atlassian Expert with many years of experience in configuring and designing ways of working in Jira, Confluence and Jira Service Desk. He has built setups based on multiple processes and methods, including SAFe and ITIL.

      He has good understanding of the technical setup of integrations, as well as insight into competing software such as ServiceNow. He understands the problems involved with introducing new ways of working and is well experienced in coaching and training small and large work forces.

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