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Marko Salonen

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  1. Den här är gjort, vi använder MongoDB. Backend är konfad för denna, frontend ansluter till backend via API så den behöver inte veta exakt DB schema
  2. This sounds like a interesting database And that Vue.js site sounds interesting
  3. Marko Salonen

    Marko Salonen

    Competence lead and partner @Remit building a team of SAP Hybris expertise. My role is to: - Find and hire talented people. - Educate and learn about SAP Hybris. - SAP Open ecosystem contact person. - QA in projects to assist teams to deliver their best. - Coaching and mentoring team for example to complete certifications. - Sales and customer contact. Currently we have 4 certified SAP Hybris 6 developers in our team. My experience is architect and developer with hybris e-commerce platform as specialty. Worked with large enterprise installations , small 4 – 6team projects, re-platforming projects and many more. Expertise in integrations, understanding requirements against hybris, performance , java coding, team leading. Worked with almost all extensions in hybris and deep knowledge of core and things that happen in the hybris black box. Have done SAP Certified Development Professional - SAP Hybris Commerce 6.0 Developer - 1st in the world!
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