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Jimi Wikman

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Status Updates posted by Jimi Wikman

  1. I think @atlassian has some explaining to do...


    Make user stories lightweight and consistent — try them with Confluence Standard for free


  2. Some designs I am playing around with for the sections...


  3. Some designs I am playing around with...

  4. Starting to get the new design ready for the public...

  5. Today I will upgrade a Jira project to the new setup, update a fall budget, prepare a presentation for project approval, create a few slides for another presentation and do some CSS and code adjustment to a POC.

    What will you do today?

  6. Since I have a 48 inch screen my new webcam have an odd placement, so I am getting a little webcam stand so I can attach it to the desk and place it where I want it.

  7. Time tomorrow to go get the first vaccination shot then.

  8. image.png

    Today will be a bit of struggle...
    #pollen #shr #facemask

  9. Mission accomplish yet another season.


  10. Waiting for Corona test to be delivered...

  11. ...and so we end the current assignment as Jira Expert at Stockholm Exergi and on monday we start a new assignment at Martin & Servera. #lifeisgood #jira #confluence #atlassian #consultant

  12. Today I ponder a bit on how to illustrate the two funnels for portfolio management in terms of Strategic and Operational Portfolios...

  13. Time to get the wardrobes moved 🙂


  14. Updating some fields for my Task Manager and pondering a bit on workflows and other things...

  15. Doing some quick mind mapping over databases and their connections...

    Screenshot 2021-01-11 at 18.07.59.png

  16. A new week is here and besides the daily work doing an Atlassian POC using advanced roadmaps and Jira Service Management I will continue to build the Hosting Database. The form is almost done, and I will focus on the  content next.


  17. Welcome aboard Matt 🙂

  18. "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."
    — Rumi

    That quote hit pretty close to home 🙂

  19. Time to build a new template for business and services listings.

    #ips #invisioncommunity #pages

  20. I think the time has come to build a #hosting database again. I just need to figure out what information to add because it will be a lot.

    What is your best hosting directory and why?

  21. The new movies section is in place. Now to fix bugs and start adding things 🙂

  22. Making updates to my #Jira setup. Figuring out how to best make use of #Jira and #Confluence for 2021.

  23. Updated the colors a bit for the site...


  24. Life is weird sometimes. After a few months without an assignment I suddenly get 3 within a few days. All from referrals or direct contact. Looking forward to help people again 🙂

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