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Jimi Wikman

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Status Updates posted by Jimi Wikman

  1. SAFe course day 2 coming up.

  2. Working on some new blocks...need some additional love, but so far it's going ok 🙂

    Skärmklipp 2020-02-09 15.47.36.png

  3. Cleaning up in my Jira instance. making sure it's clean and that the issue types and workflows are correct.

  4. Some meetings today and then I'll start looking into the Reviews section.

  5. Downloading images from #shutterstock I just purchased.

    250 downloaded...only 500 left...

  6. Really not feeling well right now...

  7. Happenings of the week in progress.

  8. Testing out the new section colors in the banners...

  9. Setting up #phpstorm for the new skin design. FTP setup and now it's time to add some Jira support and some addons 🙂

  10. Skärmklipp 2020-01-13 14.06.12.png

    Playing with concepts for the website....and no, the text is not real, just a dummy text 🙂

  11. Welcome aboard Johan 🙂

  12. Daily Quote:

    “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

  13. Welcome aboard little ocean 🙂
    Glad to have you here.

  14. Going over BigStock inventory to see if I should buy a package...

  15. Designing the first newsletter for 2020.

  16. Rebuilding the My Projects section.
    Doing a redesign and adding new fields.

  17. Adding a new issue type in the workflow to track ad-hoc changes and the cost that comes with it. Change always comes with a cost and we should track the changes that happen outside the normal process flows so we can mitigate and discuss it. #jira #ad-hoc

    1. Jimi Wikman

      ©Jimi Wikman

      Probably should name it something else than ad-hoc though...

      Arbitrary Change perhaps?


    2. Jimi Wikman
  18. Cold and nice winter day. Perfect to kick start the new section on my website: People.interviews.jpg

  19. Having a pretty bad Man-Cold.


  20. Updating CV's again then...sooo many CV's...

  21. Welcome aboard Åsa 🙂

  22. Going to work on the People's section of the site today.

  23. Feeling pretty good today even if I am very tired.

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