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Jimi Wikman

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Status Updates posted by Jimi Wikman

  1. With the People database added sucessfully I can now proceed to add the Author profiles...

  2. Adding some new hubs for the site.

  3. Purchased a personal license for #Photoshop.

  4. Looking at assignments for what exciting things I want to do next as a Consultant and it's a jungle out there 🙂

  5. Last day as employee at Zington today.

    Tomorrow a new adventure begin!

  6. Welcome to my website Colton 🙂

  7. Welcome Julien  🙂

    I hope you will enjoy the site!


  8. Welcome aboard Patrik 🙂

  9. Welcome aboard Johanna 🙂

  10. Looking forward to Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 release on Netflix today.


  11. Welcome aboard Jarek 🙂

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    2. Jimi Wikman

      ©Jimi Wikman

      Thank you, I really like the work you do to make RTM one of the most exciting apps for Jira in a while 🙂

      I look forward to write more about it and you are more than welcome to post updates on the forum if you like. 

    3. Jarek Solecki

      Jarek Solecki

      I can not wait for that! 🙂
      Give me a few days and I will inform you about the first function you will definitely appreciate.

    4. Jimi Wikman

      ©Jimi Wikman

      Looking forward to it!

  12. It sucks to be home sick 😞

  13. Setting up AWS for the site is super easy!

    Took less than 5 minutes...

  14. Testing Eagle.

    Skärmklipp 2020-02-29 02.27.09.png


  15. SAFe course day 2 coming up.

  16. Working on some new blocks...need some additional love, but so far it's going ok 🙂

    Skärmklipp 2020-02-09 15.47.36.png

  17. Cleaning up in my Jira instance. making sure it's clean and that the issue types and workflows are correct.

  18. Some meetings today and then I'll start looking into the Reviews section.

  19. Downloading images from #shutterstock I just purchased.

    250 downloaded...only 500 left...

  20. Really not feeling well right now...

  21. Happenings of the week in progress.

  22. Testing out the new section colors in the banners...

  23. Setting up #phpstorm for the new skin design. FTP setup and now it's time to add some Jira support and some addons 🙂

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