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Jimi Wikman

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Status Updates posted by Jimi Wikman

  1. Life is weird sometimes. After a few months without an assignment I suddenly get 3 within a few days. All from referrals or direct contact. Looking forward to help people again 🙂

  2. The new design for My Projects (My Portfolio) is now live. I love the flexibility of #invisioncommunity.

  3. Workday is over, so now it's time for some #ufc to relax.

  4. Updating my portfolio and building new CV's using #cinode.

  5. Got the result of my COVID test and it looks good. That means I can go see the regular doctor now about my 6 week long cold 🙂

  6. Just did a Corona test, so let's see what that show.

  7. First run to upgrade the site that run on #invisioncommunity. Easy upgrade and just a few adjustments to the theme made my day. Now I just need to build some new Pages templates and try out the new features before the big upgrade. #happy #easyupgrade

  8. Doing a test upgrade on the site on the test installation.

  9. Starting to feel a cold coming up 😞

  10. Last day of vacation today then. #relaxed #vacation

  11. With the People database added sucessfully I can now proceed to add the Author profiles...

  12. Adding some new hubs for the site.

  13. Purchased a personal license for #Photoshop.

  14. Looking at assignments for what exciting things I want to do next as a Consultant and it's a jungle out there 🙂

  15. Last day as employee at Zington today.

    Tomorrow a new adventure begin!

  16. Welcome to my website Colton 🙂

  17. Welcome Julien  🙂

    I hope you will enjoy the site!


  18. Welcome aboard Patrik 🙂

  19. Welcome aboard Johanna 🙂

  20. Looking forward to Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 release on Netflix today.


  21. Welcome aboard Jarek 🙂

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    2. Jimi Wikman

      ©Jimi Wikman

      Thank you, I really like the work you do to make RTM one of the most exciting apps for Jira in a while 🙂

      I look forward to write more about it and you are more than welcome to post updates on the forum if you like. 

    3. Jarek Solecki

      Jarek Solecki

      I can not wait for that! 🙂
      Give me a few days and I will inform you about the first function you will definitely appreciate.

    4. Jimi Wikman

      ©Jimi Wikman

      Looking forward to it!

  22. It sucks to be home sick 😞

  23. Setting up AWS for the site is super easy!

    Took less than 5 minutes...

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