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    Client: Electrolux
    Start Date 2017.01
    End Date 2017.10
    Jimi Wikman

    Electrolux – Project Manager & Rollout Manager

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    Project Summary

    Industry: Home Appliance

    Role: Project Leader / Project Manager

    Assignment: Oversee and coordinate the rollout of the new platform for 55 webshops in 23 countries. Took over as Project Manager and did a complete re-planning and coordination with several systems and suppliers. Coordinated development of new functionality with the rollout and set up new processes for development work for a better work environment and quality of delivery.

    Technique/Method: Scrum, Project Management, Jira, Confluence, Office 365

    Customer Value: ensure that the rollout of the new platform was carried out correctly, which required a great deal of coordination between the different parts of the organization and thus commissioning 55 webshops. ensure that the development of the platform led to a stable and quality-assured solution before golive.

    My Thoughts

    My role started as Rollout Manager with responsibility to take 55 sites live. Three projects were to be carried out in parallel. A project to set CSS for Zanussi and AEG based on the design that already existed for Electrolux. A project to configure the various sites based on the Irish site that was already ready for production. And finally a project to build my pages, change payment solution and minor improvements in checkout etc.

    The rollout manager role was greatly expanded when it became apparent that the system was not production ready. Instead of Rollout, we debugged the system with an unusual number of bugs. Our architect and Electrolux project manager spent many weeks loading data into the system and stabilizing import flows. In the end, we had to propose a stop so that the system could be stabilized before continuing to rollout.

    During that period, I took over as project manager and a hectic time to set a new plan began. Despite the setbacks, 55 sites were rolled out successfully, much thanks to a fantastic collaboration with Electrolux. So successful that we were even nominated for an award for our collaboration.

    As a project manager, I led the work with teams in Stockholm and Lviv and coordinated with Electrolux teams in Sweden, Germany and Italy. Coordination with other teams such as SAP and Cognizant was also done as well as system owners in various integrations.

    A challenging project to say the least, but very fun thanks to the fantastic collaboration with Electrolux and fantastic support from @Mikael Jonsson and @Johan Mårdfelt





    Edited by Jimi Wikman

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