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    Client: Home Shop Scandinavia AB
    Jimi Wikman

    HomeShop - Digital Designer

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    Project Summary

    Industry: Ecommerce

    Role: Digital Designer

    Assignment: Responsible for the graphic re-design of the new website for the new e-commerce platform using Episerver Commerce. Added Usability and Neurowebdesign into the project with the new graphic design. (www.homeshop.se)

    Technique/Method: Photoshop, workshops, UX, Neurowebdesign

    Customer Value: created a new design for the new home shop website built on episerver commerce.

    My Thoughts

    The redesign for Homeshop was one of the first projects I did when i joined Brightstep. It was a bit complicated since I was situated alone in the Falun office, the client was located in Borås and the Project manager was located in Stockholm and not a part of Brightstep. This is a project that I consider to be a failure, even though the design delivery was well received and used until the company shut down in 2018.

    The design process was a bit difficult since the clients were inexperienced in design processes and we had to make all communications over the phone. I started by provoking the client by presenting a black design that I knew would not be approved. I did this because the clients did not have any requirements or knew what they wanted. By chocking them this way I could ask what part of the design the did like so we could have a starting point.

    The two clients on the Homeshop side, Monica Andersson Gaita and Lisbeth Lorentzon were amazing and fun to work with. Together we created a design that I think they liked, even if we made a few mistakes in the design process. I only got to meet them briefly on our startup as I was sick on both occasions when we did get together in the project.

    The end of the project is where we failed Monica and Lisbeth as the project got delayed and I was pulled into the Bikbok project before I could make complete delivery on the latest changes. I felt very bad about this because the client deserved better, but I had no choice but to leave the project and head over to Bikbok. The only consolation is that they got the best possible replacement in the amazing Miranda Sherman.

    Still, I felt that I abandoned Monica and Lisbeth and after they expressed that they were not happy with my delivery I wrote them a long apology.  To this day this project remain one of my greatest failures and it is a constant reminder to never let a client down again.



    Edited by Jimi Wikman

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