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    Jira Tool Process och Method expert

    Jimi is an experienced project manager with a rather unique range of kills. He is a certified requirements manager, trained designer with special expertise in conversion optimization, experienced system, integration and acceptance testers and has 20+ years of experience in front end development…

    Project Summary

    Industry: Retail

    Job Title(s): Atlassian Expert

    Assignment: Jira tool manager with the task of stabilizing the system and setting up work processes for all teams within H&M. Responsible for several projects including cloud initiatives and coordination with other systems such as ServiceNow. Heavily involved in designing the build processes (requirements, development, design, deploy and test) for the process office. Responsible for the design and implementation of SAFe in Jira and the build processes. Responsible for a small team of Atlassian experts. Supported 400+ teams with Jira questions and training of work processes.

    Technique/Method: Jira, Workshops, Sharepoint, Powerpoint, Agile, ITIL, IT4IT, SAFe, Waterfall, RUP

    Customer Value: Establish a common work process so that all teams can work together in a way that is practically feasible. Create a strategic design for Jira that works and opens up for collaboration and communication instead of silo work. Educate and work with the teams to increase the understanding of Jira as a tool for improving efficiency and job satisfaction.

    My Thoughts

    My assignment at H&M is to act as a process and method expert for Jira. This means that I support and train between 5,000 and 10,000 people at Jira. I also participate in process and method forums where Jira is part of the processes and methods to be defined.

    A large part of my time is spent meeting and training the different teams. I also sit as a tool manager and holistic consultant for the major initiative that will guide working methods in the future. I am also responsible for making extensive changes to Jira and represent other Atlassian products such as Confluence.

    My Responsibility areas

    Strategic level

    • Hold meetings with customers about orders on the system to ensure that the right things are ordered
    • Educate H&M in using Jira. Both in person and through ordered training (through the Method Office).
    • Evaluate, recommend and / or approve new plugins to improve efficiency etc.
    • Design and implement workflows and information flows in Jira based on customer needs and H & M's stated strategies
    • Represent JIRA in all method / decision forums where that representation is relevant.
    • Define strategies for using Jira (security / field / statuses / flows / mm)
    • Create and lead the Jira Task Force (System forum for using Jira)

    Operational level

    • Manage system-critical requests
      • New fields
      • New workflows
      • New issue types
      • New plugins
      • New integrations
      • New hardware
    • Develop manuals for how different work is to be performed (new fields, values, workflows, triggers, etc.)
    • Evaluate and order work for stabilization and safety
    • Hold meetings with customers about orders on the system to ensure that the right things are ordered (Available in both areas)
    • Lead, educate and manage evaluation projects
    • Be responsible for evaluating and implementing upgrades (from a customer perspective).



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