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  • When will you? | jimiwikman.se

    When will you?

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    When will you?



    For each day our freedom is reduced


    for each day our integrity is cut down


    for each day our human rights are violated


    for each day greed grows stronger


    for each day the police grow weaker


    for each day the law is corrupted


    for each day politicians get more distanced




    When will you speak up?




    For each day our forests are cut down


    for each day our seas are polluted


    for each day our health drops


    for each day hatred grows stronger


    for each day fear becomes prominent


    for each day our children’s future get darker




    When will you react?




    For each day criminals grow stronger


    for each day insanity spreads


    for each day another species are lost


    for each day we consume more


    for each day we create less


    for each day we come closer to our fate.


    When will you demand a change?




    Today may not be the end of days


    but tomorrow will be.


    Our children will live in a world


    created by our shortcomings and fear.


    The only way for evil to win,


    is for good to do nothing.




    When will you fight for our future?

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