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  • Jimi Wikman
    Jimi Wikman

    The man in the mirror

    En lite historia som jag skrev för många år sedan som nu får återse dagens ljus efter att ha försvunnit i ett plattformsbyte. Den är på engelska, men jag hoppas att det ska fungera ändå.


    Silently I stand before the mirror

    watching the man that stand before me


    I see his sad eyes and troubled face

    and I see the darkness clawing inside

    trying to break through


    I see the struggle and the tear

    that flow down his cheek as it succeed


    I see the fear and sorrow as it sweep over his face

    I see his lips form the words

    softly whispered to me


    please help me,I loose my footing

    I can no longer make sense of this world around me


    my soul ache from the evil I watch each day

    Is there no hope?


    Frozen I watch as despair

    wrikle his face and slowly

    the light fade in his eyes


    I see his hands clasp

    and his pale lips close


    I have no words to ease his pain

    no gesture that can end his suffering

    so he begin to fall as I watch...


    Then from outside the dark room

    I hear a sound, a soft laughter

    and a soft light

    is lit inside his eyes


    The pain fades slowly

    the darkness slowly vanishes


    and I see the man in the mirror

    wipe his tear and smile


    as the soft knocking on the door

    wipe away the sorrow inside


    A single word shatter the mirror

    a true miracle in this dark world


    my saviour in the dark hours

    the sweetest word in the world



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