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  • Y3 plans - moving forward with many new ideas | jimiwikman.se
    Jimi Wikman

    Jimi Wikman is the owner of this site and this is his personal blog. Jimi is an experienced IT consultant that enjoy movies, TV series, working out and playing games on his PC.

    Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

    Y3 plans - moving forward with many new ideas

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    Image by Pexels from Pixabay

    As Year 3 continues, I start to get some ideas sorted in my mind. I have long struggled to find a way for the site to be useful beyond just articles and places of discussion, but as I look into the development section, that has changed. I am taking some inspiration from W3 schools that I myself have used a lot over the years, and I also start to look at the new links section as well. With the template changes needed and the new plans, I have a feeling I will be very busy in Year 3.

    As the About Me section is now in a decent shape, I am looking into the sections in more detail. I have started to plan out the landing pages and now starting to dive into the branches and leaf portion of the navigation trees. I feel it is important that they follow the same structures, even if the content may differ a bit. I also want to make sure that the sections have focused content to avoid DRY (don't repeat yourself). This means that some content may be generic to a root level rather than multiple branch levels.

    So for Development, that I will focus on first, the root page will branch off into two sub-sections: front-end and back.end. The front-end branch will then have multiple sections where I will start with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There will be a generic section also for front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap. Basic reference sheets like language and country codes, or HTML symbols will also be added.

    At the root of Development, I will also have a new database for code references. This will be a similar setup as on W3Schools with every tag and property will be listed, but a bit more fleshed out with discussions, videos and more. I will also add a page for code editors that will link to the product database. It will be a landing page of sorts with all the code editors presented and then linked to the product page that will be fleshed out with more information and content such as news.

    The new Links database will be fairly similar to the add-on I used to have, but with references and more information. The main reason I wanted to build this as a database is control, of course. Not just over the design itself, but also to be able to control linking with other databases. By doing this I can connect links with products, companies, people and more. I will most likely do a new database for Videos as well later, since it is fairy easy to build for what I use it for.

    So there is no shortage of things to do, that is for sure!

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