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  • Jimi Wikman
    Jimi Wikman

    The pieces are coming together

    Things have been a bit slow lately and that is because I have tried to find the ways to build things the way I want. With Invision Community things are not always easy to find the right information, but fortunately the community have some great helpers.

    The things that have caused some extra thought is how I want the headers on the pages to look and behave. Since the structure is different for pages, databases and applications this was very important to figure out. I now feel I have the solution at hand, so I can start building the headers.

    The second thing that has been a bit puzzling is how the database relationship field worked. I have managed to add template snippets in the basicrelationship template and it works fine in the database where I add the field. In the connected database however it does not use the basicrelationship template for some reason, but uses the database template instead. It's a bit weird, but now that I know, then I can work with it as I just need to figure out what database should use the field and which ones should use the database template for referals.

    The last thing is how to add tabs using the Invision Community code. It was easy setting up using Ajax for fetching pages, but inline content was a bit obscured. I got some help from the community and now that is also solved so I can build the section pages the way I want.

    There will be quite a bit of blocks to build, but I do not really see any impediments at the moment, so I can just start building things!

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