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  • Jimi Wikman
    Jimi Wikman

    How do I present myself?

    One of the more difficult parts of building this site is to figure out how to present myself. As a person that have many areas of expertise it is a bit difficult to present myself in a particular role. Due to this I will try to make a slightly different presentation of myself here by adding a database of professional roles as well as separate sections about me.

    The Roles part is a way for me, not just to present myself in my different roles, but also what skills I have in each role, what my take on the role is and how I work with other roles. In short each role will be like a mini CV of sorts. Of course I will also link to projects I have done in that capacity.

    Things like labels connected to that role so you can find other topics to explore will be there of course. Skills, education and products I work with will all bin those roles. Articles I have written about that particular role will probably be added as well and so on. Each role should be pretty much a good presentation of me in that capacity.

    My education will be just a long lost of education I have participated in. My Swedish blog is just a re-posting on my old Swedish site, which is thousands of posts that will slowly be added to the site. I will add a section about my passion for helping others through my own network. This I will tie into the events calendar and the sections for announcing jobs and finding jobs.

    It will be a bit different than I think most people present themselves, but I think it can be fun to try!

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