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  • Jimi Wikman
    Jimi Wikman

    Going full IKEA mode

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    Yesterday me and my wife got some new wardrobes from Ikea to put in our bedroom. It started out as a simple project and it ended up in a 12 hour marathon. I also almost crushed both me and my wife with a bad decision and threw away ton of stuff!

    First of all the wardrobes was the easiest wardobes to assemble I have ever seen. Not a single nail and only the rails for the drawers and the door hinges actually needed any screws. It was all click and assemble, which was very nice! It literally took 5 minutes to put together the frame and a minute to put together a drawer.

    So, why the 12 hour marathon?

    Well, the reason for that is that I have a bunch of comics and books that I thought I should put in our old headboard. It has a nice space and it is pinned against the wall so it should be a good fit. It probably would have been fine, but as I packed everything and we started to look at the lamps to get them fitted I noticed that one of the legs was bending and risk snapping. So I tried to move it with my foot so it would stant straight...

    ...and it it came crashing down.

    My toe got scraped and slapped silly. My wife got big bruises on her legs as the full weight came down on us both. It was a stupid mistake, but probably a good one as the leg might have caved later anyway and that would be bad. So I had to find  new place to put my magazines and books, so after discussing it a bit I realized we have a space for it in the living room below the tv.

    That space was filled with old IT books and trinkets we just stuffed in there to get it out of the way. So I went over all of that and then moved the magazines out there. It resulted in almost a dozen bags or things to donate and throw away, which was in addition to the day before when I cleaned out old electronics and drawers in the hallway.

    So besides cleaning out the livingroom cabinets, moving furniture around to build things, building 2 new wardrobes with lockers and mirrored doors, moving away two old drawers we had there before and then moving things to the new wardrobes and cleaning up after the frantic cleaning out of all crap we also had some dinner and watched tv for a full day of Ikea madness.

    Today is a sore day instead so I am doing some planning for this site and trying to relax a bit. Tomorrow is time to go over our storage as well, which will be hilarious I am sure....

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